‘Proper Study Essential before Constructing New Airport’

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‘Proper Study Essential before Constructing New Airport’

February 24: Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, has said it is not possible to construct an airport in Dharan without conducting a proper study.    
Inaugurating the Dharan Expo, 2024 organized by Sunsari Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Friday, Minister Kirati reminded that 22 airports are left unused in the country as they were established without proper study. Such a hasty decision cannot be taken in case of Dharan as well, he said.    
The minister however informed that feasibility study was being conducted.

"Only possibility of conducting flights is not a solid basis to construct and operate airport," Minister Kirati informed the participants attending the event.    
The expo is being organized to promote local produce, culture and tourism.    
On the occasion, former chairman of FNCCI, Chandi Raj Dhakal, sought support from government to elevate the status of private sector because businesses were reeling under difficulty at present.

Organizer of the Expo, Bijay Shrestha, informed that event was held to promote export and internal supply of handicrafts and local products. There are a total of 150 stalls in the exhibition that will last till March 6. -- RSS

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