Bharatpur Stands First in Performance Evaluation among Six Metropolises

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Bharatpur Stands First in Performance Evaluation among Six Metropolises

February 22: Bharatpur Metropolitan City has been declared the best metropolis in performance evaluation among six metropolitan cities across the country.    

Bharatpur metropolis came first in the evaluation carried out the National Natural Resources and Fiscal Commission for the previous financial year. The evaluation was carried out on the basis of 17 indicators for the purpose of the financial equalization grant to be provided by the federal government to the province and local levels in the upcoming fiscal year.    

The expenses incurred by the municipality, the irregularities pointed out by the audit, the use of the local consolidated fund management system, periodic planning and division of revenue were assessed. Local tax collection, approval of budget within the time were the other grounds for evaluation.    

The local level is provided a lump sum equalization grant based on the evaluation. The NNRFC evaluates and publishes the results especially in connection with the accounting system and financial system.    

Head of the Economic Administration Division of the Bharatpur metropolis, Jagannath Aryal, said that Bharatpur has scored 56.29 percent according to the information given by the commission.    

Likewise, Kathmandu Metropolitan City secured 39.02 percent, Birganj received 33.49 percent, Biratnagar 32.85 percent, Lalitpur 25.18 percent and Pokhara 20.74 percent marks. -- RSS

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