USAID's Strategic Shift Reflects Deeper Partnership for Nepal's Development

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  USAID's Strategic Shift Reflects Deeper Partnership for Nepal's Development

February 20: Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement (NIICE) organized a Diplomat's Conclave featuring Sepideh Keyvanshad, the US Mission Director for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Nepal. The gathering aimed to foster dialogue among diplomatic communities, experts, analysts, policymakers, and various stakeholders.

Speaking at the event themed “The US Government's Partnership with Nepal through USAID," Keyvanshad emphasized on longstanding collaboration between Nepal and USA spanning six decades.

She stated that US partnership has evolved from traditional infrastructure projects to prioritizing vital sectors such as health, education, and agriculture. “USAID's strategy accords top priority to local empowerment and community-centric development,” she added.

Emphasizing a shift towards stronger partnerships with local entities and the Nepal government, Keyvanshad highlighted USAID's transition from capacity-building to system strengthening initiatives. “This approach signifies a departure from conventional aid models towards fostering genuine collaboration and amplifying the voices and priorities of local communities,” she stressed.

Keyvanshad underscored USAID's confidence in local organizations, directing increased funding to them and channeling resources through the Nepal government. This signifies a paradigm shift towards authentic partnership, wherein Nepali people and government play pivotal roles in shaping their country's development trajectory.

Furthermore, Keyvanshad emphasized USAID's strategic focus on projects aligned with Nepal's development priorities, ensuring maximum impact and sustainability. She elucidated how USAID's refined approach complements the efforts of other donors, ensuring coherence and efficiency in development efforts.


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