Iron Mine Excavation Resumes in Rukum (East)

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Iron Mine Excavation Resumes in Rukum (East)

December 11: Excavation efforts for iron mines in Rukum (East) have gained momentum as a comprehensive study recommences. The decision to initiate a feasibility study was made last week following the detection of iron mines in Bhume Rural Municipality.

A team, comprising geologists Sujan Devkota and Saunak Bhandari from the Department of Mines and Geology, has begun conducting the feasibility study in Bhume rural municipality-3, Jhumlabang.

 Previous attempts at a comprehensive study had faced challenges, primarily due to financial constraints. Hom Prakash Shrestha, the Chairperson of Bhume, confirmed that the study has commenced in various locations within the rural municipality to assess the potential of iron mines.

 Local reports also indicate ongoing iron mine excavations in areas where deposits had been identified earlier.


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