High-level Committee Begins Probe into Ncell's Share Rale row

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High-level Committee Begins Probe into Ncell's Share Rale row

December 11: A high-level committee, tasked with investigating the Ncell share sale controversy, officially commenced its inquiry on Sunday.

 Tankamani Sharma, the coordinator of the five-member committee, said that they had initiated the investigation in accordance with the government's mandate, aiming to conclude the inquiry within a specified timeline and present a comprehensive report with recommendations.

Coordinator Sharma outlined the committee's approach, stating that they plan to engage in discussions with relevant regulatory bodies, government officials, and service provider companies during the investigation.

The committee will actively gather essential documents and information from individuals and organizations involved, seeking input and suggestions from experts, stakeholders, organizations, and the general public.

The committee has called for cooperation from all parties involved, urging them to provide factual information and any evidence pertinent to the issue under investigation.

 The secretariat of the probe is located at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The committee is required to present its findings within 30 days of its formation.

It is worth noting that the government established the committee on December 7 to delve into matters related to Ncell's share and purchase, assess its compliance with existing laws, and analyze its impact on revenue collection and foreign investment in Nepal, among other aspects. (RSS)


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