Distribution of Insurance Amount to Kin of Earthquake Dead Starts in Jajarkot

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Distribution of Insurance Amount to Kin of Earthquake Dead Starts in Jajarkot

December 7: The distribution of insurance amount to the families of people killed in the earthquake that struck Jajarkot on November 3 has begun. 

The amount has been handed to the families of 29 of the 56 people who were killed in the disaster in Nalgad Municipality, said Krishna Bahadur GC, spokesperson for the Karnali province government and the Minister for Internal Affairs and Law.

According to him, the amount has been distributed to the families at the rate of Rs 200,000 per deceased. GC said that the insurance amount would be gradually distributed to the beneficiaries of all the municipalities in three or four days.  

The provincial government had already brought a programme of insuring against natural disasters the citizens domiciled in Karnali before this. The insurance amount has been distributed under this programme.

More than 150 people were killed due to the earthquake in Jajarkot and Rukum West. 

Minister GC is accompanied by Insurance Authority Karnali Province Chief Padam Sodari during the insurance amount distribution.

Meanwhile, the Karnali Province Government has decided to immediately start construction of the public structures damaged by the earthquake. 

Scores of public structures like roads, schools, health posts and water supply and irrigation projects were damaged by the earthquake. It is said that these structures would be repaired from the one billion rupees the province government had earmarked for this purpose. -- RSS


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