Bhai Tika Observed

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Bhai Tika Observed

November 15: Bhai Tika, the final day of the five-day Tihar festival,  was celebrated nationwide on Wednesday. On this day, sisters put colorful tika to their brothers, symbolizing their wishes for happiness, prosperity, and long life. In return, brothers offer gifts and extend good luck wishes to their sisters.

During Bhai Tika, a special ritual takes place where brothers are seated at a designated spot, and sisters create a trail of mustard oil around them. The brothers are then garlanded with flowers, including marigold and globe amaranth. In return, brothers also apply tika to their sisters.

The National Calendar Determination Committee has identified 10:51 am as the auspicious hour for offering tika this year, though it can be done throughout the day. The cultural belief associated with Bhai Tika revolves around a sister obtaining a boon from Yama, the god of death, ensuring her brother's longevity until the mustard oil dries up and the garland of dubo and makhamali withers.

In addition to the ritualistic aspects, sisters offer special delicacies like sweets, walnuts, and sel roti to their brothers. Individuals without biological siblings participate in the celebration by receiving tika from those they consider as brothers or sisters.

Furthermore, the Balgopaleshwor Temple in Ranipokhari, Kathmandu, is opened today, a tradition observed annually on Bhai Tika. The temple holds cultural significance, and its doors are unlocked on this auspicious day. (RSS)

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