Monsoon Exit to be Delayed by a Few Days

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Monsoon Exit to be Delayed by a Few Days

October 1: The Weather Forecasting Division under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has said this year's monsoon exit from Nepal will be delayed by a few days.

Although the average date of monsoon withdrawal in Nepal is October 2, the department has mentioned that there is a possibility that this year's monsoon will exit a few days later than the average date. The division issued a special weather bulletin on Friday and predicted that the monsoon will be delayed due to the low pressure effect currently developing in the north-western parts of the Bay of Bengal.

Sanjiv Adhikari, meteorologist of the division, said that although the monsoon exit date is October 2, there is a possibility of rain in the next few days due to the development of a rain-making system (low pressure area).

"The process of monsoon exit from the western parts of India has already started. However, now a low pressure area has build up in the Bay of Bengal and it is becoming stronger and moving towards the north-west, so it seems that it will take some more time for the monsoon to leave Nepal," he said.

According to the meteorologist, as the low pressure area is developing in the eastern parts of the country, there is a possibility of heavy rain in some parts of the country in the next two to four days.

"The low pressure system developed in the east may not affect the west and far west of the country. There is a possibility of more rain in the eastern and central parts of Nepal,” said Adhikari.

The farmers are already preparing to harvest paddy because the festival of Dashain is late this year.

The division has urged people involved in agriculture and transport service to remain alert as the impact of monsoon is most likely to affect these sectors.

The monsoon arrival date is June 13 but this year it entered Nepal a day later. Monsoon spreads across the country from the eastern parts of Nepal. Similarly, the earliest date of monsoon exit is October 2, it is likely to exit the country a few days later this year.

Caution is requested

There is a possibility of partial to normal rainfall with thunder and lightning in many places of the country until Tuesday, according to the division. Likewise, heavy rainfall is likely to occur in one or two places in Koshi, Madhes, Gandaki and Lumbini provinces.

The division has requested the general public to take necessary precautions saying that there is a risk of landslides in the hill and mountainous areas due to rain. The division warned that the water level in large and small rivers and streams may rise and daily life may be affected along with road travel and air traffic.

Since it is the time for harvesting crop, the division has requested the general public and all concerned agencies to take necessary precautions.


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