MetLife Nepal Launches App, Organises Fair to Educate Agents about the App

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MetLife Nepal Launches App, Organises Fair to Educate Agents about the App

September 28:  MetLife Nepal recently hosted a fair for all its agents to “reinforce a shared commitment” to serving customers and helping them lead a healthier, longer lives.

Issuing a statement on Saturday, the life insurance company said it organized "One by MetLife Mela" for all its agents after the launch of its new app - One by MetLife.

With the launch of the app, MetLife Nepal claimed the company has not availed digital insurance and healthcare to Nepalis at their fingertips.

Meanwhile, the fair organized for the agents featured live demonstrations, briefings on the app’s features, and hands-on sessions, said the company.

“The primary objective was to empower and educate dedicated agents about the transformative features of the app, so they can guide customers in accessing cutting-edge insurance and healthcare services for a healthier and more secure future,” reads the statement.

The event also underscores MetLife Nepal's commitment to professional development of its agents and their ability to provide top-notch service to customers, added the statement.

Vice President and General Manager of MetLife Nepal, Nirmal Kajee Shrestha stated, “MetLife believes in the power of enjoyable learning experiences, so we have blended fun activities with valuable lessons in this carnival.  By bringing together the best of technology and our active team, we hope to inspire our customers to take steps to live healthier for longer and build a more confident future.”




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