Government to Issue Citizenship Certificates to NRNs

Nepal Citizenship (Third Amendment) Regulations published in Nepal Gazette

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Government to Issue Citizenship Certificates to NRNs

September 25: With the publication of Nepal Citizenship (Third Amendment) Regulation, 2080, in the Nepal Gazette, citizenship certificates will now be issued to Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs).    
Speaking at a programme organized by the Forum for Women, Law and Development on Monday, Chief of Citizenship and Identity Card Management Section at the Home Ministry, Krishna Bahadur Katuwal, shared that this provision has come into effect after the Regulations were published in Nepal Gazette on September 21.    
An arrangement has been made to mention non-resident Nepali citizenship certificate in the citizenship provided to non-resident Nepalis. He clarified that those acquiring such type of citizenship certificate would have no political rights.    
As per the Regulations, those acquiring non-resident Nepali citizenship certificate would have social, cultural and financial rights while arrangement of oath has also made for them, mentioned Katuwal.    
The Regulations has also provision that citizenship could be granted to the citizens above 16 years on the basis of the signature of people's representative if the applicants' father or family refuse to sign for the citizenship certificate.    
Similarly, citizenship certificate could be provided to children brought up at government certified orphanages based on the recommendation of local governments.    
Likewise, the new Regulations have a provision that citizenship certificate could be granted to those who have already acquired citizenship but willing to change their gender status in the citizenship certificate on the basis of certificate from the Ministry of Health and Population. -- RSS

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