Kathmandu Metropolis urges Teachers to get Back to Duty   

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Kathmandu Metropolis urges Teachers to get Back to Duty   

September 20: The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has urged teachers not to disrupt classes while advocating for their rights.    
The local government of the federal capital has urged school teachers within its jurisdiction not to close schools so as to ensure student's right to education.    
It may be noted that teachers from various schools across the country, at the call of Nepal Teachers' Federation, have gathered in the federal capital to protest against the Federal Education Bill that was presented in the parliament recently.    
KMC spokesperson Nabin Manandhar said teachers have been urged to resume classes by Thursday.

"Student's right to education should not be violated by shutting down the schools," he said.    
The local government is learnt to have instructed the Education Department within it to monitor the situation and take action if any schools within the metropolis is found violating the call to resume classes. Prior to this, the metropolis had warned teachers not to disrupt classes, reminding them schools as zone of peace. -- RSS

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