Salt Trading Corporation Celebrates its 61st Anniversary

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Salt Trading Corporation Celebrates its 61st Anniversary

September: The state-owned Salt Trading Corporation (STC) Limited celebrated its 61st anniversary on Wednesday.

Speaking at the anniversary programme, Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Ramesh Rijal said that the Salt Trading Corporation has been providing quality consumer goods at affordable prices to the people.

Pradiplal Shrestha, chairman of the STC, said that they are facilitating the supply of daily consumables in the market by fully following the policies and instructions of the Government of Nepal. The company officials said that they aim to increase the turnover by expanding the service sector in the future.

Urmila Shrestha, chief executive officer of the STC, laid emphasis on diversification of services to further strengthen the financial condition of the Salt Trading Corporation.

She said that the chemical fertilizers sold by the government through the Salt Trading Corporation at subsidized rates have directly supported the production of the agricultural sector. "Salt Trading Corporation can work in other areas of production as well," she said.

The company has been arranging the supply of iodized salt, sugar, chemical fertilizers, selling these items at discounted prices. The company has been operating gas industry, and is also involved in import as well as production of chemicals and fertilizers. In addition to this, the company officials claimed that the STC is also playing a leading role in corporate social responsibility.

At the anniversary function, the STC handed over 'child welfare awards' to the organizations that have been actively involved in the protection of children. Likewise, the state-owned company also gave certificates of appreciation to the employees who performed well and scholarships were to the children of the employees who passed the SEE exam with excellent marks.



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