'Adopt Precaution to Remain Safe from Heat Wave'   

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 'Adopt Precaution to Remain Safe from Heat Wave'   

June 4: The Meteorological Forecasting Division has requested one and all to adopt necessary precaution to protect oneself from heat wave. The division has predicted the possibility of heat wave caused by hot air in the Tarai region of the country for the next few days.    
Issuing a special bulletin, the division requested all to adopt necessary precaution for five days.    
"There is a possibility of rise in temperature in most of the places of Tarai for some days. So, adopting necessary precautions is imperative," said the division.    
Meteorologist Govinda Kumar Jha mentioned that there is a possibility of heat wave until the next three days. Most of the places of Tarai have been experiencing heat wave for the past few days.    
The temperature from Saptari to Bhairahawa has crossed 40 degrees Celsius while the temperature of Nepalgunj and its surrounding areas is around 40 degrees Celsius.    
According to the Division, the minimum and maximum temperatures of most of the places in the country have been increasing for the past few days.    
The division alerted that one can feel tiredness, weakness, headache, vomiting and muscle pain during the heat wave. The division requested people to stay indoors, wear cotton dress, drink water and juice and visit health facilities in case of health-related problems.    
Similarly, there is still partial impact of the Westerly winds coupled with the local wind, resulting in rising heat across the country, including Kathmandu Valley for some days.    
No possibility of rain for three days    
The weather in the hill areas of the country as well as in the Kathmandu Valley is now partly cloudy, added Jha. He further said there is no possibility of rainfall for the next three days in Kathmandu. However, there is a chance of cloudy weather and rainfall at some places of Karnali, Gandaki and Sudurpaschim provinces.    
The minimum temperature of the Kathmandu Valley on Friday and Saturday was 17 degrees Celsius and maximum temperature 32 degrees Celsius. -- RSS  

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