UK Government to Ban Foreign Students from Bringing Family Members as Dependents

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UK Government to Ban Foreign Students from Bringing Family Members as Dependents


May 26: UK immigration has decided to ban foreign students from bringing their family members with them.

As per the new provision, only students on postgraduate courses designated as research programmes will be able to bring dependents to the UK while they study, the AFP reported.

Those who have graduated in subjects other than research are not allowed to bring their family members.

The UK has introduced such a rule under the Immigration Control Act. On Tuesday, the British government announced new laws to tighten immigration.

Overseas students will be prevented from switching "out of the student route into work routes" before their studies have been completed.

Britain has taken this step to crack down on "unscrupulous agents" using education as a cover for immigration. In recent years, the number of dependents on student visas in the UK has increased.

Also since 2018, the country has seen thousands of people successfully cross the English Channel in small boats to claim asylum, AFP reported.

Some 136,000 visas were issued to the dependents of international students last year -- up eight-fold from the 16,000 in 2019, AFP cited Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s written statement to parliament.

The new rules are expected to be implemented as soon as possible. The government is yet to consult with the education sector and key stakeholders.

A large number of students from Nepal also go to the UK on student visas. While a foreign student is on a student visa, there is a high tendency for a dependent to go to the UK to work and cover the expenses. Nepalese students will also be affected by this change made by Britain in the rules.



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