Government Planning to Boost Agriculture to Replace Food Imports: Agriculture Minister

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Government Planning to Boost Agriculture to Replace Food Imports: Agriculture Minister

May 21: Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development, Dr. Beduram Bhusal, has emphasized the potential of agriculture and livestock to drive economic progress.

He highlighted the government's commitment to implementing policies and programs that support agricultural development, aiming to increase production and reduce reliance on food imports.

Dr. Bhusal acknowledged that while Nepal was previously an exporter of food grains, the current situation requires increased imports. Consequently, the government's priority is to decrease reliance on imports and promote export growth through modernizing agriculture, Minister Bhusal stated.

The minister emphasized the significance of the fertile Tarai region and the need for adequate irrigation to enhance agricultural productivity. Speaking at an interaction and felicitation program in Bhumikastan Municipality, Arghakhanchi, Dr. Bhusal revealed that approximately 1.3 million hectares of arable land in Nepal remains unused.

The government plans to utilize this land through collective and cooperative farming initiatives, aiming for cost-effectiveness and modernization of farming practices. Mechanization was also underscored as a crucial aspect of agricultural advancement.

Dr. Bhusal mentioned that fixing prices of rice, maize, wheat, and other agricultural products before harvest would greatly benefit producers. This timely price fixing would provide relief and stability for farmers.

Mayor Jhabilal Thapa of Bhumikasthan Municipality called for the launch of agricultural programs focused on increasing the production of cereals, fruits, vegetables, and medicinal herbs.






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