Three Nepali Pilots Grounded

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Three Nepali Pilots Grounded

March: The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has grounded a pilot on the charge of hurling offensive words at the air traffic controllers (ATC). 

A pilot of the Annapurna helicopter was grounded after he was found throwing vulgar words at the ATCs while attending to the Kathmandu-Lukla flight, said the CAAN spokesperson Jagannath Niraula.

 “A pilot of the Annapurna helicopter was grounded for mis-communicating with the ATCs during a Kathmandu-Lukla flight on 21 March, 2023,” he said. 

Similarly, other two pilots of helicopter companies (Air Dynasty and Fishtail Air) have been grounded for violating the aviation safety guidelines, Niraula said. All three pilots in question will be banned from flying until further notice, Niraula informed. ----RSS 

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