NBSM Takes Action against 973 Firms

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NBSM Takes Action against 973 Firms

March 23: The Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology (NBSM) Birgunj has filed cases against two industries of Chitwan in the current fiscal year.

Manish Kumar Das, head of the office, informed that the cases were filed after it was found that the industries were using weighing machines without obtaining a license.

The office has also taken action and fined 973 commercial and industrial establishments that did not renew their measuring devices from mid-July to mid-March of the current fiscal year.

During the review period, the office also claimed that 391 commercial and industrial establishments were granted new licenses related to weighing. Also, during the same period, the office renewed the measuring devices of 814 commercial and industrial establishments. In the last eight months, the office collected Rs 8,021,855 in revenue.

Das said that from mid-July to mid-March of the current fiscal year, the office conducted single monitoring 24 times and joint monitoring 22 times. Similarly, he also informed that the office also inspected 604 pump nozzles and 36 tankers in its area of operation.

As per the information provided by Das, the office is also giving training on industrial production and weighing equipment every Friday. NBSM has also been warning not to self-produce against the standards set by the department. If found doing so, there is a provision for a fine from Rs 5000 up to Rs 10,000.


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