Clive Christian Launches Limited Edition Perfumes

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Clive Christian Launches Limited Edition Perfumes

January 8: Clive Christian, a luxury British perfume house, has crafted a new limited edition perfumes to celebrate the company’s unique heritage in perfumery spanning through the decades into Victorian England.

Issuing a statement, the company said it has launched the Timeless and Contemporary editions of perfume with the finest ingredients.

“Celebrating the hallmarks of both Clive Christian and The Crown Perfumery Company to create the finest perfumes in the world these new fragrances celebrate: creativity, craftsmanship, concentration, complexity and a dedication to using only the finest ingredients,” reads the statement.

The statement added that the bottles are in the signature green of the Crown Perfumery Company with an ornate silver decoration.

Every bottle of Clive Christian is topped with the crown of Queen Victoria, patron of the

Crown Perfumery Company, added the statement.

Timeless and Contemporary express not only the brand’s heritage but also celebrate its prestigious status as a leading perfume house, loved globally for creating the world’s finest perfumes, the company claimed

Reminiscent of a prestigious perfume past spanning 150 years, the company claimed that these perfumes are an ode to the art of true perfumery: a strand of history from the past reaching into the future.





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