Home Ministry Assures Safe, Fair, and Peaceful Atmosphere for Voting   

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Home Ministry Assures Safe, Fair, and Peaceful Atmosphere for Voting   

November 19: The Ministry of Home Affairs has assured the voters of a free, fair and peaceful atmosphere for Sunday’s election to the House of Representatives and provincial assemblies. According to the home ministry, those found involved in violent activities has been kept under surveillance to ensure there will be safe atmosphere for voting.    
Organizing a press conference on Friday, Spokesperson at the Home Ministry, Binod Prakash Singh, reiterated that any individual, group or organization likely to jeopardize the safety of election staff, voters and ballot is under strict surveillance. "Election security is better this time. I request voters for their enthusiastic participation in the voting," Singh said.     He however admitted the country witnessed some untoward activities in the run-up to the election. But, the ministry has adopted zero tolerance to those involved in such violent activities. "We have continued scrutiny and surveillance," Spokesperson Singh reiterated.     According to him, the bomb defusing teams of the Nepalese Army were mobilized at 903 places near the polling centres. The NA has kept its helicopters standby at Itahari, Bardibas, Pokhara and Surkhet while it is conducting air patrols to ensure safety during the election. The ballot papers were ferried by helicopters in forty places.

Similarly, 2025 weapons possessed illegally by various individuals were seized.    
A total of 2,98,579 security personnel have been mobilized for the election security. The human resources for election security include Nepalese Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, National Investigation Department, and temporary police personnel. -- RSS  

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