USAID Launches Leadership Program for Inclusion of Women in Nepal’s Energy Sector

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USAID Launches Leadership Program for Inclusion of Women in Nepal’s Energy Sector

September 23: USAID’s Urja Nepal project has launched a programme for the development of Leadership and Management Skills for Women in the Energy Sector to advance the next generation of women leaders in the energy sector. This program will complement Nepal's efforts to increase the participation of women in traditionally male-dominated professions, particularly in the electricity sector where they remain poorly represented in leadership positions, reads a statement issued by Urja Nepal. 

According to the statement, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Government of Nepal co-designed this program to provide insights into the challenges women are facing every day. This understanding will identify the needed training and capacity building to close current technical gaps and improve leadership skills, added the statement.

“During the nine-month program, the sessions will provide technical training in subjects relevant to Nepal’s energy sector, as well as leadership courses that focus on highlighting leadership skills and career advancement.”

Interacting with the participants, Energy Minister Pampha Bhusal reportedly said the programme is in line with the Government of Nepal’s strong emphasis to increase involvement of women and minorities in decision making roles in every sector.

 “I understand that women and minorities are underrepresented in Nepal’s energy sector and believe that the program launched by USAID Urja Nepal will be a stepping stone to make this sector inclusive,” the statement quoted Bhusal as saying.

USAID/Nepal Mission Director Sepideh Keyvanshad summed up the launch stating, “We are celebrating another milestone in how we are partnering with the Government of Nepal to move the energy sector forward here in Nepal by specifically targeting the future women energy sector leaders and helping them take their place in this dynamic sector.”

This leadership program continues USAID’s long history of partnering with the Government of Nepal to include everyone’s voice in decision making and promote inclusion that improves the lives of all Nepalis, added Urja Nepal.

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