‘Nepal becomes Self-Sufficient in Plywood Production’

Plywood worth Rs 500 Million Exported in Three Months   

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‘Nepal becomes Self-Sufficient in Plywood Production’

September 16: Nepal has become self-sufficient in plywood production, the state-owned national news agency RSS reported. In addition to that, the country has also started exporting plywood to various countries including neighbouring India, RSS said in a news report published on Friday.    
In the last three months alone, Nepal has exported plywood worth Rs 500 million, Dinesh Chapagain, secretary of Nepal Veneer Producers' Association Jhapa, told RSS. Since the demand for Nepali plywood is high, the country has set a target to export plywood worth Rs 5 billion this year alone.    
According to Chapagain, there are 79 registered plywood industries in Nepal and of them 63 industries are exporting their products abroad. Jhapa has the largest number of plywood industries in the country, which stands at 16.    
According to RSS, President of Nepal Veneer Producers Association Jhapa, Deepak Pandey said that the state should provide incentives to the plywood industries in the country as the demand for wood-based products is increasing abroad.  

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