Coca Cola Zero Sugar in RGB

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Coca Cola Zero Sugar in RGB

September 5: Coca-Cola Nepal has launched 'Coca-Cola Zero Sugar' in RGB (returnable glass bottle). The company said that this new pack is introduced in the market targeting consumers who want the refreshment of the original taste of Coca-Cola without sugar and calories.

The company said that these RGB bottles are environmentally friendly as they can be reused. The company says that its glass packaging will keep Coca-Cola refreshed for a long time. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar RGB bottle is available in 250ml, priced at Rs.40.

Coca-Cola Director Adarsh ​​Avasthi said, “We are eager to provide our consumers with variety that can be used in all situations. In this context, we are very excited to bring Coca-Cola Zero Sugar in RGB pack as well.”

The company said that the new RGB pack of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is available in 250 ml along with PET pack in 250 ml and 500 ml.





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