‘It is Normal for Cable Car to Halt’

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‘It is Normal for Cable Car to Halt’

August 1: Chandragiri Hills Limited, which has been operating cable car in Chandragiri on the outskirts of Kathmandu, has clarified that it is normal for the cable car to halt all of a sudden due to electricity short supply or other technical reasons. The company assured that such activity is of no harm to the passengers.

The company organized a press conference to inform about the security of cable car after news reports raised serious questions about the cable car coming to a sudden halt.

Organising the press meet in the capital on Friday, the company informed media persons about the technical aspects of cable car and the procedures they adopt when it comes to a sudden halt. The company made a live demonstration to the media persons by halting the cable car travelled by around 100 media persons for ten minutes.

According to the company’s engineer Saroj Chapagain, the cable car will come to a halt if the power goes off all of a sudden or if there is any problem related to automated system or the software of the cable car. The company claimed that it has kept generator produced by the world’s most reliable company standby just in case there is an emergency. According to the company, it has a one-megawatt capacity generator at the bottom station of the cable car.

Chapagain said that the passengers will be taken to the top or the bottom station safely if through ‘emergency drive’ if the generator fails to operate due to technical glitches. The company said that it will take around 45 minutes to safely carry all the passengers of thirty eight cabins through the use of emergency drive.

During normal situation, the cable car operates at a speed of five meters per second. However, during emergency drive, the speed is one meter per second due to which it will take around 40 to 45 minutes for the passengers to reach the top or the bottom station.

Chapagain  said that the cable car cabins might swing in case there is windstorm and the passengers often panic during such situation.

“How much it swings, it will not break off,” assured Chapagain.

Chairman of Chandragiri Hills Limited, Chandra Prasad Dhakal, informed that the incidents of cable car coming to a halt is prevalent worldwide. He recalled that the cable car used by former Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli during his visit to Geneva came to a standstill for almost two hours. Dhakal was also in the delegation led by Oli.

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