GWM-Nepal to Operate After-Sales Service at Chakupat

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GWM-Nepal to Operate After-Sales Service at Chakupat

July 12: GWM-Nepal has announced to operate its world-class GWM after-sales service at Chakupat, Lalitpur. According to the company, the new after-sales facility is built with GWM's world-class standards.

The company said in a statement that the after-sales service center covers an area of ​​15,000+ square feet. It has 6 rooms with the capacity to provide fast service for 600+ vehicles per month. This facility is equipped with high-tech equipment and well-trained technicians to provide excellent service experience to the customers of GWM, the statement added.

According to the company, spare parts are made available at reasonable prices by maintaining a “strong real stock” with facilities.

Rupesh Sharma Bhatta, vice president of GWM Nepal, assured that the vehicles at the service centre will be at safe hands.

“You have entrusted the responsibility of your vehicle to a safe hand, with our trained technicians providing state-of-the-art facilities through a service center and specialized customer service. We guarantee to take care of not only your vehicle but also your vehicle for the duration of your ownership through this service,” said Sharma, adding, “This service is more than just caring for your vehicle. We assure you that the vehicles will be cared for in your own experience.”

Ajit Patel, deputy general manager of GWM Services, added that they provide services capable of handling all GWM range vehicles in addition to providing world class facilities.

“We are using the latest diagnostic equipment and real parts so that your vehicle gets the best service and it runs in real condition as it should. We provide personalized service experience. You will receive a high level of personalized and dedicated service to you because no one knows more about your GWM than we do,” said Patel.


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