Nabil Bank Completes One Year of Sustainable Banking

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Nabil Bank Completes One Year of Sustainable Banking

July 1: Nabil Bank completed one year of “Nabil Sustainable Banking” campaign on Wednesday. The bank had started the campaign with the objective of providing financial access to rural areas and ensuring financial literacy.

The bank informed that it will celebrate this achievement by organizing “Nabil Green Week”. The bank claimed that one year of sustainable banking has been satisfactory.

A statement issued by the bank said, “We claim that Nabil Sustainable Banking has been established as an innovative approach not only in Nabil Bank but in the entire banking sector of Nepal.”

The bank had started sustainable banking by investing in hydropower, providing soft loans and working in the social and environmental sectors. On the occasion of Nabil Sustainable Banking's anniversary and National Paddy Day, the bank started celebrating “Nabil Green Week” from Wednesday.


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