Government Bans Strike in 25 Sectors Providing Most Essential Services   

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Government Bans Strike in 25 Sectors Providing Most Essential Services   

June 12: The government has banned strike for any reason in 25 sectors under the most essential services. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a notice in the Nepal Gazette prohibiting shutdown or strike in 25 various sectors providing most essential services. The government said it issued such order exercising the rights granted by Clause 3(1) of the Essential Services Operation Act, 2014 BS.    
As per the government’s decision, strike is not allowed in sectors like the postal, wire and telecommunications services, transport (transport of goods via land, water and air routes), supervision, operation and maintenance of aviation offices and aircraft, services relating to railway stations, and transport and loading and unloading of goods from government warehouses. The rule also covers government’s printing work.    
Likewise, no obstruction is entertained in the services relating to the government’s defence management including manufacturing, storage and supply of arms and ammunition or other military logistics.    
Likewise, strike is prohibited in services relating to communications, internal security, drinking water operation and supplies, tourist residence, motel, hotel, restaurant and resort.    
The notice further states that there should be no hindrance in the import, transport, storage and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (cooking gas).    
Services relating to hospital and health center including ambulance service, manufacturing and supplies of drugs, and the collection, transport, processing, and management of waste, dumping site construction and the construction of other required infrastructure including the services relating to waste management sector shall not be affected by strike or shutdown.    
Strike is banned in import, transport, storage and supplies of daily consumer goods (foodstuff, pulse, rice, salt and edible oil) and in the delivery of banking, insurance and electricity services.    
The strike ban also include meteorological forecasting services, veterinary, internet and passport department and consular department services and the services relating to mask and hand sanitizers. -- RSS  

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