DoTM Admits Flaws in Fixing Embossed Number Plates

Insists it is Mandatory to Fix Embossed Number Plates

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DoTM Admits Flaws in Fixing Embossed Number Plates

June 8: The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) has admitted flaws in fixing embossed number plates on vehicles due to the negligence by its subordinate bodies and has also apologized for the confusion created by the latest notice issued by the department for implementing the decision to use such number plates.

Issuing a statement on Tuesday, the DoTM apologized for the confusion created by the notice published on Friday (June 3) and the trouble they had to undergo due to the notice. However, the department clarified that it is still mandatory for all vehicles to fix embossed number plates.

In the five-page long statement issued by the DoTM, it has sincerely admitted flaws on part of its subordinate bodies and officials in implementing the decision.

“Fixing of embossed number plates as per the notice issued in Nepal Gazette on November 8, 2021 did not take place in the pace as expected. In addition to that, vehicle owners did not file application for fixing embossed number plates thinking it was optional,” reads the statement, adding, “The concerned offices under the department and the officials also did not show keen interest in fixing embossed number plate.

However, the department did not say if it took action against the negligent officials or not.

Had the officials fulfilled their duties diligently, lots of vehicles would have had embossed number plates by now.  Most of the vehicle owners visit the DoTM only once a year to renew their registration. If the DoTM had made it mandatory to have embossed number for renewal of registration, hundreds of thousands of vehicles would have embossed number plates in the last seven months.

However, the vehicle owners are facing unprecedented problems in registration and fixing embossed number plates all of a sudden following the notice issued by the department on Friday.  The service seekers are facing problems due to the large number of people seeking the service all at once. The department is seen jam-packed with vehicle owners seeking to fix the embossed number plates fearing action from the government.

The decision to make embossed number plates mandatory has drawn widespread condemnation, especially because the DoTM has not prepared the required infrastructure to deliver the service.  

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