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Tourism Entrepreneurs of Chitwan Excited about the Prospects of 2 Days' Leave

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Tourism Entrepreneurs of Chitwan Excited about the Prospects of 2 Days' Leave

May 20: Tourism entrepreneurs of Chitwan are excited after the government announced a public holiday on Sunday. Entrepreneurs are expecting that the number of domestic tourists will increase during the two consecutive days off.

The tourism entrepreneurs hope that the tourism sector, which has been weighed down by the Covid-19 infection, will return to normalcy. They had been demanding leave on Sunday after the number of tourists coming for one night's stay started increasing. Local tourism entrepreneur Biplav Poudel said that they had been demanding two days' leave for better prospects of business.

 Poudel, the manager of Hotel Barahi in Meghauli and Pokhara, said that the number of tourists will now increase in homestays as well as big hotels. "This will make the economy vibrant, '' he added.

Poudel believes that two days of holidays and fun would energize the workers for the rest of the week days.

Deepak Bhattarai, president of the Regional Hotel Association Chitwan, said that the number of tourists used to increase by 50 % compared to other days in the past when there was a regular two-day holiday. "Compared to other days, the number of tourists increases on holidays. At the same time, when there are two days of holidays, the number of tourists is even more,” he said.

Bhattarai said that he expects the tourism sector to be better than before with the two-day holiday. He informed New Business Age that there are positive signs soon after the leave started. 

Entrepreneurs expect this holiday to increase family travel. 

Gunaraj Thapaliya, general secretary of the regional hotel association, said that the number of people booking hotels through the telephone has started to increase. Situated in the centre of the country, it is easy to visit Sauraha from many neighbouring districts to spend a night in the wilderness.

With the decline in the number of foreign tourists, the tourism sector here has been dependent on domestic tourists. Tourists mainly visit Pokhara, Lumbini, Chitwan, Kathmandu and other areas in Nepal.

Director of Hotel Narayani Resort, Gaindakot, Basanta Parajuli said that the two-day leave will have a positive impact on the tourism sector. The trend of travelling with family increases during the holidays, he added. 




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