Tourist Arrival on the rise in Langtang National Park

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Tourist Arrival on the rise in Langtang National Park

April 24: With the onset of spring season and the decline in number of Covid-19 cases, the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Langtang National Park in Rasuwa has increased significantly.    
According to the Chief Conservation Officer of Langtang National Park, Pramod Bhattarai, around 100 domestic and more than 20 foreign tourists have been arriving on a daily basis in Langtang and the Gosainkunda lake located in the upper region of Rasuwa.    
Majority of the domestic tourists opt to visit the holy shrine of Gosainkunda while foreign tourists have been visiting the Langtang valley for trekking in the surrounding mountains, the state-owned national news agency RSS quoted Bhattarai as saying.    
According to RSS, hotelier Pasang Ghurmi Tamang of Chandanbari shared that the Gosaikunda pilgrimage route has become more vibrant after the tourists started flocking to the otherwise deserted area. Hoteliers say that there is hope for economic recovery as the number of visitors continues to increase.    
Apart from travelling by land, the attraction of devotees visiting Gosainkund by air is also increasing. The helicopter facility has made it easier for the senior citizens, who are unable to walk on foot, to visit this holy shrine, said a local priest Tanka Prasad Dhakal.  


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