Nepal Starts Producing Electric Vehicles in the Country

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Nepal Starts Producing Electric Vehicles in the Country

April 22: Sundar Auto Engineering Pvt Ltd, a sister company of Sundar Transport Pvt Ltd, has started production of electric vehicles in Nepal. The company informed that it started the production of electric vehicles with the objective of reducing consumption of petroleum products by increasing the use of environment-friendly vehicles in Nepal.

Sundar Auto set up an assembly plant in Rupandehi district two years ago with an investment of around Rs 1 billion to produce electric vehicles in Nepal by importing spare parts from abroad. The company informed during a press conference organized in Kathmandu on Thursday that it succeeded in producing electric vehicles after a long period of tests. In the initial phase, the company will be producing all types of motorcycles, scooters and cars.

Bhesh Bahadur Thapa, operator of Sundar Yatayat Pvt Ltd, said that the company also installs electric engines on all kinds of vehicles powered by petrol and diesel.

He informed that it costs around Rs 70,000 to Rs 80,000 to add a new engine run by electric energy on a scooter or a motorcycle powered by fuel. The new engine will allow the vehicles run for 100 km. After the charge finishes, the vehicle will switch back to run with fuel. He said that it would cost Rs 120,000 to Rs 140,000 to add electric engine on a four-wheeler powered by fossil fuel.

Converting an old bike or scooter to electric vehicle is cost-effective in the long run.

Pandav Poudel, an engineer at Sundar Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd. said, “A scooter or bike that runs a hundred kilometers costs Rs 450 on fuel. Converting it to electric can cover the same distance at just Rs 31 and help people save more than Rs 400. He informed that it takes three days to convert a fuel powered vehicle to an electricity powered vehicle.  So far, the company converts only scooters, bikes and cars into electrical vehicles. Engineer Poudel informed that test work is being done in case of Hiace and big buses.

Electric vehicles outside the valley

Sundar Transport Pvt. Ltd. is going to operate electric vehicles outside the Kathmandu Valley as well. The company informed that it is preparing to run electric vehicles in major cities outside the Kathmandu Valley with the objective of providing transportation services at affordable prices in the face of increasing fuel prices.

Officials of the company said that they are preparing to run an electric bus from Kakadvitta of Jhapa to Biratnagar by April 28. Similarly, preparations are being made to run an electric bus from Bhandara of Chitwan to Nawalparasi by May 29. Sundar Transport is currently running electric bus in Kathmandu Valley.


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