Govt Makes Vaccination Card Mandatory to Get Public Services From January 21  

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Govt Makes Vaccination Card Mandatory to Get Public Services From January 21  

Jan 11:  The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has issued a circular to all district administration offices (DAOs) and police forces to restrict gathering of more than 25 people in public places. 
In line with the recommendations of COVID-19 Crisis Management Center (CCMC), the Home Ministry has instructed DAOs and police forces to implement various measures to contain the spread of Covid-19. 
According to the eight-point circular, local administrations will now restrict any expo, festival or assembly where more than 25 people gather in public places. The local administration should issue permission even if there is any urgent programme to be held, according to the circular issued on Monday.  
"Based on assessment of  district and local level's situation, district can either tighten or ease the situation," read the circular of the Home Ministry. The Home Ministry also instructed the local administrations and other agencies to make vaccination card mandatory to receive public services from January 21. 
It has urged people to keep vaccination card with them (even if its photo in mobile phone) to enter public places (office, hotel, restaurant, cinema hall, stadium, flight, park etc). According to the circular, the entry in public places will be allowed only after checking vaccination card from January 21. 
Local administrations and police forces have been asked to facilitate in establishing free antigen test booths in public places and take ahead the vaccination as a campaign. 
The new containment measures introduced through the minister-level meeting comes in the wake of the rapid rise of Covid-19 cases and outbreak of new Omicron variant. 

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