Government Announces Action Plan to make 'Earning while Learning Programme' more Effective

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Government Announces Action Plan to make 'Earning while Learning Programme' more Effective

November 24: Minister for Education, Science and Technology Devendra Poudel unveiled 31-point action-plan for effective implementation of the 'Earning while learning' programme.    
Organizing a programme at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on Tuesday, Minister Poudel shared that all students would be administered vaccine against COVID-19, all municipalities and provinces would be declared fully literate and the Act for compulsory and free education shall be enacted.    
Similarly, Minister Poudel pledged to launch technical education in as many community schools as possible. He also said that the government is committed to print colourful and quality books until grade 12 and take forward the vacancy announcement for the permanent teachers among others.    
The Minister also vowed to prepare draft of the federal education act, facilitate the adjustment of teachers' quota, announce scholarship for the poor and diligent students, and monitor the schools' compliance with the healthy safety measures against COVID-19.    
The minister also committed to make alternative learning more effective and bring into effect the report of the High-Level Education Commission as well as Nepal's policy presented in the UNSECO's general assembly.    
According to him, students will disabilities, those injured in various movements, conflict-survivors among would be provide with education opportunities.   -RSS 


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