Khukri Rum Unveils New Packaging

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Khukri Rum Unveils New Packaging

November 14: Khukri Rum unveiled a new packaging amid a special event held in Kathmandu on Friday, November 12.

Khukri Rum, a product of Nepal Distilleries, decided to change its packaging in its 62nd year of operation to meet the expectations of its customers. However, the company assured in a statement that the new pack does not compromise the taste and quality that the rum is renowned for. 

“We assure the same experience to our patrons in the new pack. In fact, we hope that they find an even richer experience in our new pack,” said Suvash Lamichhane, general manager of Nepal Distilleries.

According to the company, the new design has been made by a London-based company after extensive research followed by interactive feedback from the customers.

Khukri Rum is exported to about 13 international markets and the new pack has been launched in all markets on the same date. Lamichhane believes that the new pack has successfully won over its national as well as international customers.


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