Nepalese Celebrating Vijaya Dashami across the Country

People seek blessings from elderly on this day

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Nepalese Celebrating Vijaya Dashami across the Country

October 15: Today is the tenth day of Dashain, the biggest festival of the Hindus residing in Nepal. On this day, people of all caste and creed seek blessings from the elderly. 

To celebrate this festival which spans over 15 days on the bright half of the lunar calendar in the month of Ashwin, people from far and near return home.

On this day, devotees worship Goddess Bhavani Siddhi-Datri, who is considered the embodiment of victory.

This day is celebrated as the day of victory of good over the evil.

Holy texts mention that Lord Shiva, the destroyer of the world, invoked Goddess Siddhi-Datri on this day and acquired the form of the all-powerful Ardha-nareshwar, which means half male and half female.

It is also said that Lord Vishnu, during his incarnation of Lord Ram, worshipped various forms of Goddess Bhavani during the nine nights of Dashain to obtain blessing to defeat the demon Ravan.

The goddesses which are invoked during the first nine days of the festival are bade farewell on the tenth day. With the end of worshipping begins merrymaking. People celebrate the festival for the next five days until the full moon.

They visit their near and dear ones to pay respect.

Elderly people give blessings of longevity to the younger members of the family.

The auspicious time for receiving blessings and tika during this Dashain has been fixed at 10 o'clock and two minutes, according to the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee.



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