Maha Astami Observed

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Maha Astami Observed

October 13: Today marks the eighth day of Dashain festival being celebrated all across the country by worshipping Goddess Durga. Among the many forms of goddess Durga, Hindu devotees revere Goddess Mahakali  at various shrines and temples on this day.

The eighth day of Dashain is dedicated to Goddess Mahakali –who is represented in Hindu scriptures as the fiercest form of godess Durga Bhawani. The chronicles of Hindu scriptures depict Goddess Mahakali of having dark blue skin, wild hair and her red tongue sticking out of her mouth. Mahakali also holds multiple weapons – a severed head, a garland made of human skulls and a bowl to hold the falling blood. Only her husband Lord Shiva can calm her wrath, when Goddess Bhawani takes the form of Mahakali.

On the night of Maha Astami which is also knwon as Maha-Kaal Ratri, animal sacrifices are made in different temples as well as personal houses of the people to please Goddess Mahakali. Maha Kaal Ratri marks one of the four nights of Hindu religion with special importance.

Motor vehicles and small arms owned personally are also worshipped on the occasion of Maha Astami.

Devotees in large number visit the temples of Durga Bhavani in Kathmandu valley such as  Guhesshowri, Naxal Bhagwati, Kalikasthan, Maitidevi, Sankata, Raktakali, Shova Bhagwati, Dakshinkali and other  shrines on this day.


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