Bhimdutta Municipality Adopts Metric House Number System

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Bhimdutta Municipality Adopts Metric House Number System

October 8: Bhimdatta municipality of Kanchanpur district has started to number the structures including houses via metric method.

On Thursday, Mayor Surendra Bista inaugurated the metric house number system. Inaugurating the Shiva Temple and Rautela Marg in Bhansi of Bhimdatta Municipality-1, Mayor Bista has initiated the process of numbering houses and other structures using metric method.

"We have started putting house numbers in the municipality from Thursday to identify the problems of the citizens and formulate a policy," said Mayor Bista, adding, “We will number the roads and houses in all the wards using the same method”

Stating that the municipality has put forward many plans for the integrated sustainable development and prosperity of the city, Mayor Bista expressed the view that they would move forward by making the best use of technology.

Team leader Thambaraj Shrestha said that the municipality would have information on every household after the system is launched.

"This method benefits both the citizens and the municipality," he said. "It also expands the relationship between the municipality and the people."

He also said that the houses would be numbered in meters from the main road. He said that there will be facilities to collect suggestions.


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