Finance Minister Points Out Frequent Changes in Policy as Development Bottleneck   

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Finance Minister Points Out Frequent Changes in Policy as Development Bottleneck   

October 6: Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has said COVID-19 has impacted the entire economy, good governance and humanity as a whole.    
During a meeting of Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee of the National Assembly on Tuesday, October 5, the finance minister said that massive reform in development targets and plans was required to cope with the current situation resulting from COVID-19 pandemic.    
"Development strategy, setting goal and implementation in itself are contradictory. The trend of shift in plan and policy along with the change in government and ministers is a great challenge," the finance minister told the committee.    
Finance Minister Sharma also said that we lack a framework of socialism-oriented economy despite its provision in the Constitution while adding that such issues were not incorporated in our plans and programmes.    
Stating that making self-reliant economy was the main goal of the present government, he argued that there was no other option than to move ahead by making fundamental policy on inclusive development.    
During the meeting, Auditor General Tanka Mani Sharma, Chief Secretary Shankar Das Bairagi, Financial Comptroller General Suman Raj Aryal and other high ranking government officials shared their opinions on government spending, auditing system and details of the government properties.    
On the occasion, the chairperson of the Upper House Committee Dinanath Sharma stressed the need for massive reform in government spending adding that unscrupulous spending has increased arrears in the state coffer.  -- RSS  

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