Seven Construction Companies Blacklisted   

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Seven Construction Companies Blacklisted   

October 6: The Public Procurement Monitoring Office has blacklisted seven construction companies. The office issued a notice on Tuesday informing that the companies were blacklisted because they failed to complete the projects as per the contract.    
In the notice, the office mentioned that they were blacklisted from one to three years effective from October 5. The decision to blacklist the companies was decided as per section 65 of the Public Procurement Act, 2063.    
MS Indo Engineering Project Corporation of Maharastra, India was blacklisted for three years as per the recommendation of the Project Directorate of the Department of Roads, Bishalnaghar.

Similarly, upon the recommendation of Nagarjun Municipality, Land Ring Construction Service, Kathmandu has been blacklisted for two years. Other companies that were blacklisted for one year include Bipin Vet Centre, Kashyapati Construction Service, Rachana Trade International, Ninlantha Construction Service and Suppliers, and Adventure the Anand.    
The blacklisted companies would not be allowed to participate in the purchase and construction services called by the government.  -- RSS  

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