Finance Minister Urges British Investors to Invest in Green Infrastructure of Nepal

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Finance Minister Urges British Investors to Invest in Green Infrastructure of Nepal

Photo Courtesy: Investment Board Nepal

September 30: Finance Minister Janardan Sharma has called upon the United Kingdom for investment in green infrastructure of Nepal. The “United Nations Climate Change Conference” is to be held Scotland, UK from November 1 to 12. As groundwork for the conference, a virtual meeting was held on Wednesday, September 29 at the initiative of the Investment Board, the Nepalese Embassy in the UK and the Department of International Trade of the United Kingdom. Addressing the meeting, the Vice Chair of the Investment Board and Financec Minister Janardan Sharma urged investors from Britain to benefit from investing in Nepal’s green infrastructure.

The export of clean and renewable energy produced in Nepal will also help reduce the carbon burden of neighboring countries, said Minister Sharma. He urged British investors to support Nepal's goal of getting graduated to high middle income country by 2030. He expressed the commitment of the Government of Nepal to extend full support and facilitation to the investors.

On the occasion, Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Board, Sushil Bhatta urged the investors of Nepal and the United Kingdom to capitalize on the immense potential of Nepal’s energy sector. He said that the Board is committed to attract and promote foreign and green investment in the region. He added that the Government of Nepal has created a favorable environment for investment by developing timely policies and laws for the development of renewable energy.

During the virtual discussions, an agreement was reached between the private sector of Nepal and the United Kingdom to reduce carbon emissions and build a green and sustainable economy. Such an agreement was reached on the basis of  the Paris agreement.



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