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World Link Announces Dashain Offer

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World Link Announces Dashain Offer

September 29: Internet service provider World Link has announced a special offer on the occasion of Dashain. The company has brought a new package with double speed internet at the same price. In the company's Dashain offer, users will get 40 Mbps internet package for only Rs 1,100 per month. Net TV will also be available for free under this package. For this, the user will have to take a 12-month package, World Link said in a statement.

Customers who want to get a 6-month subscription will also be able to participate in this Dashain offer. The price of the 6-month package has been set at Rs 7,900. Customers who take this package will have to pay Rs 1,317 per month for 40 Mbps internet. The company has also introduced a 60 Mbps internet package with two Net TVs for Rs 1,200 per month for subscribers who subscribe annually. Customers who purchase the same package for a period of 6 months will be charged Rs 1,434 per month.

Internet packages of 80 Mbps and 100 Mbps will be available at the price of 40 Mbps and 50 Mbps respectively. When subscribing to the annual package, users can get the 80 Mbps internet package of World Link with two Net TVs for only Rs 1,400 per month. A monthly package of 100 Mbps including three Net TVs will cost Rs 1,600.

The company will provide services and facilities worth around Rs 20,000 as a festive gift with free connection to the customers who purchase any annual package. The customer will get Net TV subscription, set top box, dual band router, fiber cable, WiFi roaming and Net TV Prime subscription.


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