Government Opens Advance Booking of Bus Tickets for Dashain Festival   

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Government Opens Advance Booking of Bus Tickets for Dashain Festival   

September 28: The government has opened advance ticket booking targeting passengers travelling home by bus during the upcoming Dashain festival. With the opening of advance booking, the number of people buying bus tickets has increased significantly at the New Bus Park and various other places where help desks have been set up to facilitate the passengers.

The advance booking has started from September 27 to facilitate students and people involved in various professions in the capital to travel to their home districts outside the Kathmandu Valley.    
People could be seen eagerly waiting in queue in front of the ticket counters in the capital although the concerned body has said tickets can be booked through online medium.

Last year, the advance ticket booking was not opened due to the risk of COVID-19. However, this year the ticket booking has been opened well in time for the festivals. 

At present, bus tickets are being issued from 32 ticket counters through computerized system at the New Bus Park while tickets are also available in various counters at Koteshwar, Kalimati, Sundhara among other areas.

Authorities have urged the bus operators to maintain health protocol and to avail uniform to those stationed at ticket counters to ensure that the passengers are not duped.    

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