Hotel Yak & Yeti Introduces Weekly Fun Event WAoTS’P

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Hotel Yak & Yeti Introduces Weekly Fun Event WAoTS’P

April 6: Hotel Yak & Yeti, a five-star hotel in Durbar Marg, has launched its revamped Lounge 77, previously known as Piano Bar. According to the hotel, the lounge has been revamped as “the place to network, unwind and party with its flagship weekly fun event WAoTS’P- We Are On The Same Page”.
The five-star hotel informally launched the weekly fun event WAoTS’P on March 19 and has been hosting various professionals from different sectors every Friday at the newly renovated Lounge 77. 
According to the hotel, the concept of WAoTS’P- We Are on the Same Page is a continuation of its previous flagship event, This. Is. Kathmandu – For The Resilient People of The Valley, a successful sold-out New Year Eve 2021 event at the hotel.
The hotel launched WAoTS’P to refresh the professionals and help them celebrate their hectic work-life schedules. The management team of the hotel aims to make their service accessible to Nepalese of all economic backgrounds through this event.
"With this event, we want to break the stereotype among the general public that our service is only for foreigners and high-earning individuals. This weekly event aims to cater to Nepalese coming from various ways of life. We aim to make our service affordable to all professionals," Sagar Bantawa Rai, director of Sales and Marketing of Hotel Yak and Yeti, informed.   
Likewise, Bantawa also informed that the pandemic has severely affected the hotel business as five-star hotels are deserted by foreigners, and Yak and Yeti plans to divert their focus on Nepalese guests. The event is a part of such initiation to bring in more local customers, he added.

The hotel has selected some of the best artists to provide its guests with an evening of fun and entertainment.
"We know that nothing is quite relaxing than gathering with friends to enjoy a great drink and a great evening of live music. WAoTS’P is all about helping our guests enjoy the moment with delicious cuisine, fusion drinks, and shooty music in a happening atmosphere," Alina Shakya, marketing executive of the hotel informed.
The hotel invites individuals looking for the perfect way to kick off their weekend in style.

“We invite our guests to have a good time with our exclusive signature cocktails and mocktail, Yak’s Tail, Yeti’s Paw, Downtown Kathmandu, along with delicious appetizers, Thai twist charcoal chicken tikka, bruschetta with sauté mushroom,” Shakya informed. 
The hotel also provides surprise offers of the week and special giveaways to make the event exciting..
Interested individuals can call the hotel to place their reservations and inquiries about the event.

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