Government Lags Behind in Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

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Government Lags Behind in Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects

February 23: Monitoring and evaluation of large projects have not been effective. Although the Prime Minister's Office directly handles the Action Room, the National Vigilance Center and the National Planning Commission to monitor and evaluate the projects, nothing tangible has happened.
While the monitoring and evaluation aspects of the projects has remained weak, even the big projects that Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has given special attention to have not been able to pick up pace. The projects have not been able to spend the allocated budget.
Prime Minister Oli had committed to end the weak implementation of the projects. His attempts last year to formulate a separate law for proper monitoring and evaluation of the projects have not yet been successful.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers had registered a bill in the parliament last year for proper evaluation and monitoring of projects upon the recommendation of the National Planning Commission.
However, Rojnath Pandey, spokesperson of the Federal Parliament, informed that the dissolution of the House of Representatives made a direct impact on drafting laws. According to him, the bill registered in the National Assembly has been put on hold. He said that even if it was passed by the National Assembly, it could not have been implemented without the House of Representatives.

"If the House of Representatives is re-instated, it will be decided by the parliament. Otherwise, it will have to be passed by the new parliament," Pandey informed.
If the bill was passed, Prime Minister would have the right to monitor and evaluate the project directly. The proposed bill also has a provision to allow state and local level governments to monitor and evaluate the project.
Pandey informed that even though the projects are being monitored and evaluated now, the bill attempts have effective laws with a separate monitoring mechanism.
According to government data, Rs 92.06 billion has been allocated for national pride projects in the current fiscal year, out of which only 15.19 percent or a total of Rs 13.98 billion was spent in the first six months.

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