NMB Bank launches Corporate Credit Card

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NMB Bank launches Corporate Credit Card

September 22: NMB Bank has claimed to be the ‘first bank in Nepal’ to issue Corporate Credit Card. The bank said in a statement that it has launched NMB Bank VISA Corporate Credit Card, which shall be issued upon request to business organizations/corporate houses.

The card is to be primarily used to manage business related expenses of staff ranging from business promotion, training, client engagement, marketing and other related expenses of a business entity.

Multiple cards can be issued to individuals of the same organization with varying credit limits, reads the statement. The credit limit per organization shall be determined on the requirement of the organization.

“NMB Bank VISA Corporate Credit Card is a fresh offering in the market and we are certain that it will enable our customers in corporate and business organizations in managing their business related expenses better. Enhancing customer experience through creation of value proposition in our products is at the core of our objective and we will continue to explore avenues to enhance our brand experience,” reads the statement issued by the bank.



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