Free Service Camp for Mahindra Electric Vehicles

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Free Service Camp for Mahindra Electric Vehicles

June 5: Agni Energy, a subsidiary of Agni Group and the authorized distributors of electric vehicles and generators, has announced three days of free service camp for electric vehicles in Kupondole, Lalitpur on the occasion of the World Environment Day 2019. According to the company, the free offier will remain vaild fromJune 5 to 7.

The free service camp of Mahindra electric vehicles serves the customers with the best service and genuine spare parts, reads a statement issued by the company.

“In the camp, the customers will be given proper counselling in operating the vehicles for sustainable use. The service center will provide the servicing for wide range of EVs such as Reva, e2o, eVerito and eSupro,” the statemet added.

According to the Senior Executive Manager Pramod Bhandari of Agni Energy, the “electric vehicles (EV) have lots of benefit for the people and the environment. 

EV requires low maintenance and it’s also cheaper in contrast to petrol and diesel vehicles, he said.

“The EV will cost less than Re 1 per km which the general public is not aware of,” he added.



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