Bela Motors Assembling Electric Vehicles in Nepal

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Bela Motors Assembling Electric Vehicles in Nepal

May 31: The government’s decision to promote electric vehicles in Nepal has encouraged many investors including Bela Motors to invest in electric vehicle assembling projects within the country.

Bela Motors has been assembling electric motorbikes and scooters in Nepal since the past eight months.

Rajesh Maharjan, marketing manager of Bela Motors, informed New Business Age that the company is currently assembling Dayuro, Extro, Gloria and Dolsi brands of electric scoters and T 5 and T 3 electric bikes at its garage situated in Baluwatar.

So far, the company has successfully assembled 40 electric bikes and 280 electric scoters.

Likewise, the company already has sold 256 electric vehicles it assembled in Nepal.

According to the company, the price of all four brands of electric scooters is Rs 130,000, while the price of T3 bike is Rs 160,000 and T 5 bike costs Rs 210,000.