Huawei Allays Consumer Concerns Following Google Ban

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Huawei Allays Consumer Concerns Following Google Ban

May 30: As the fallout from Google’s decision to ban Huawei gains momentum, the company held a press meet on May 28th to reassure worried customers and to outline their plans for the future.

Earlier this month, Google followed through on US President Donald Trump’s executive order to ban Huawei from US shores, essentially crippling future Huawei devices. Under the ban, Huawei devices will lose access to several critical Google services such as Google Play Store, Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, among others. However, Huawei will still be able to access Google’s proprietary operating system, Android, under the Android Open Source Project.

Understandably, this has lead to a steep decline in sales of Huawei devices across the world, and now, the fallout has found its way to Nepal as retailers report that sales of Huawei devices have dwindled.

During the press meet, chaired by Joyas Zhu, country director, Huawei Nepal, the company reassured consumers that they are working on a Plan B.

“We will coordinate with other companies to come up with a solution. If Huawei launches a product, the consumers don’t need to worry. We will work hard on the solution,” said Zhu.

Also present at the meet was Pulkit Bhimsaria, director of Call Mobility, Huawei’s authorised smartphone distributor in Nepal. Bhimsaria confirmed that sales had taken a significant hit following the ban.  “If you ask me as a distributor, I can honestly tell you that we have lost around 50 smartphone sales per day,” said Bhimsaria.

However, he mentioned that not all customers are equally concerned about the ban. “Just yesterday we had two customers who bought Mate 20 Pro, they said, ‘we don’t care, and we know something better will happen soon,’” Bhimsaria added.






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