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hayden beaven

I really liked the information I read on the site. My only complaint would be I am having trouble find the name of the person who wrote article I read. I am also having trouble finding the publisher of the site.


Role of Intermediaries in Nepal?s Remittance Market --By Monika Maheshwari & Ashish Naulakha Some of my observations and comment. "Dutch Disease" in Nepal is mostly by resource movement effect (monetary, human and capital resources directed towards un-productive sector) and less likely due to "loss of competitiveness of exports sector - due to the appreciation of the exchange rate". Second is what is the level of significant used for test ? and if the result are not statistically significant we fail to reject Null hypothesis and should conclude that Remittance doesn't have significant effect in (control variables) test at ## % significance level. And thus add the intuitive reason "the remittance money coming to Nepal is mostly spent on consumption (78.9 per cent) according to Nepal Living Standard Survey 2010/11." Anyway good try by young MBA aspirants.