‘‘New Generation Scorpio delivers exceptional value and accessible technology’’

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Sagar BhadkamkarSagar Bhadkamkar is the deputy general manager for exports and sales of Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. The company recently launched a new product, New Generation Scorpio. Bhadkamkar was in Kathmandu for the launch and Angila Sharma and Rashika Pokharel of the New Business Age caught up with him and discussed the features of this product and the company’s marketing strategy for the Nepali market. Excerpts:
What is the purpose of your visit?
The basic purpose of my visit here is to launch the New Generation Scorpio in Nepali market.This is the first international launch of the product following its launch in India a month earlier.
What is new in the New Generation Scorpio? 
New Generation Scorpio, as the name indicates, is a completely new Scorpio in terms of safety, comfort, ride, technology and exterior looks. Some of thesenew features are: new hi-tech 6-inch touch screen infotainment system, micro hybrid technology, smart rain and light sensors, tyre-tronics and voice assist system. It hasa new recalibrated engine that is more fuel-efficient. Earlier version of the Scorpio provided a mileage of 14.05 km per litre, but the new oneguarantees a mileage of 15.15 km per litre. 
How has the journey through these two versions of Scorpios been?
Scorpio was a tremendous leap of faith for us when it was launched 12 years ago. It established the foundation for the development of an entirely new generation of vehicles from Mahindra. More importantly, it helped to transform the Mahindra brand, giving it a sophisticated urban edge at a time when we were primarily thought of as a rural player. The New Generation Scorpio will deliver exceptional value and accessible technology to our customers.
When we unveiled the first Scorpio in June 2002, it was an emotional moment for all of us at Mahindra and a defining moment for the company. Unknown to us at that time, a dream, an icon, and a style statement was born. The Scorpio did wonders for the Mahindra brand in urban India and in markets worldwide. To see the Scorpio become the pride of over 4.5 lakh customers, sell over 50,000 vehicles during each of the last three years in a row, rule Indian roads for over 12 years and transform the India’s SUV space, is a remarkable achievement back in our homeland.
How do you assess the Nepali market for four wheelers?
Nepal is a very competitive market for four wheelers. It is probably one of the most strategic markets for us where we are seeing gradual growth. That is the reason we have always focused on Nepal for our four wheelers market.
What is your expectationof the market share with the new product?
New Generation Scorpio is introduced with the right price and comes with additional modern features that our targeted customers will love to have. So, we expect a boom in the sales of this product.
How do you see Nepal as a market for Mahindra products?
Nepal is a good market for our products. We have been enjoying leadership in tractors, utility vehicles, information technology, financial services and vacation ownership. In addition, we also enjoy a strong presence in commercial vehicles and two wheeler industries.
Many of your competitors are established names in the Nepali market. Why should one choose your products? 
We offer quality products at competitive prices. Prices are positioned in such a manner that different variants of Scorpios meet the need of different segment of our customers. The starting price is 35.75 lakhs and goes up to 51 lakhs. 
What are your plans for the Nepali market?
Our plans include strengthening our position in the market. We are the market leaders and we will be focusing on to retain the position. 

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