International Relations and Diplomacy Courses in TU

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--By Ashok Poudel
Tribhuvan University (TU) has worked out all the details of its post graduate program in “International Relation and Diplomacy (IRD).” Central Department of International Relation and Diplomacy, under the Faculty of Humanities and situated within the University campus premise, will launch this course from the coming academic session, Khadga K.C., Program Co-ordinator and Associate Professor, informed. 
Curriculum for this 4-semester program has been developed said KC while informing that that the course comprises of analytical academic discourse, seminars and workshops on current international relationship status of Nepal, and steps needed to strengthen its existing foreign policy and diplomacy. 
Course syllabus adheres to international standards and practice and has been launched after much research and homework, KC., added.
Though similar courses have been in practice across the world, TU had not been able to launch them so far due to various constraints. 
The course will be moderated by senior faculty members affiliated to political science department of the TU, visiting faculty members from foreign universities and incumbent and former diplomats. 
IRD course is getting recognition globally as international relations are given much priority by most of the countries across the world. And it is even more important for a least developed country like Nepal to extend and maintain its bilateral relation with its neighbouring and other world countries. K. C. said that the discipline aims to produce capable and efficient IRD professionals to meet the nation’s growing need. 
Elaborating on the scope of the programme, K.C. said that the IRD programme is market friendly with global demand for IRD professionals. 
IRD graduates will have academic benefit over others for while vying for employment with foreign ministry and other formal and informal organizations specializing in foreign relations. Along with that K.C., said that the course is suitable for the students who want to pursue their career further in fields like media reporting, foreign service, corporate sector, and national security affairs.
Students who have completed Bachelor’s degree with at least second division or 2.0 CGPA in any discipline recognized by Tribhuvan University are elligble to appy for the course. Prospective student with better linguistic, analytic capacity will be preferred over other students during the admission, K.C., added. 
Fee Structure
According to K.C. the University is not financially aiding the department currently. He said that department is managing financial resources for the course on its own. “Thus fee structure is costlier than other courses of the university.” Total tuition fee for all the four semesters is set at Rs 1 lakhs and 50 thousand. 

Dr Khadga KC ,Programme Co-ordinator and Associate Professor
Dr Khadga KC
Programme Co-ordinator and
Associate Professor
What issues are included within the course?
The syllabus is developed tuning both practical and theoretical subjects. Students will be learning art of negotiation, methods of treaty making and agreement, of diplomatic protocols, public diplomacy, administration of managing foreign missions, promotion of cultural diplomacy, the job of work-attaché, diplomatic correspondence. They will also be taken for practical field visits to the ministries of the government which is associated with foreign matters.
What made you feel the necessity of this course in Nepal? And what is the scope of the programme?
International Relations as a discipline has been in practice worldwide since long. However, it is new in Nepal. Least developed countries like Nepal needs to expand its international relations even more. The discipline will generate the man power with new vision and skills for the same. Similarly, scope of this subject is not limited within domestic market. Graduates of the programme are sellable in international market too and can utilise their skills in various international organizations.
As it is a new discipline in Nepal, do you have adequate resources to train the students?
We have good networks with government institutions. Similarly, we also have quite good number of skilled people in political science and other related faculties.  Graduates in the same subjects will also be facilitating during the course. We will primarily be tapping available resources and manpower. We will also invite experts and career diplomats for cooperation. Guests’ lecturers from friendly countries also will be invited for assistance. 


Ganesh Limbu

I am also interested in stuying international Relations and Diplomacy. I tried my best to take admission having consult with many colleges but went in vain. Please sir, inform me if students can study this subject out of semester or not? My phone no. is 9842488488